Why Pitaya?

A neat



and creative cuisine

Woks cooked

by the minute


and healthy products


That's why they chose us

Pitaya, Thai restaurant in Rennes

Authentic and tasty Asian cuisine is on the menu at Pitaya, a Thai restaurant in the heart of downtown Rennes. In our good restaurant, we showcase the cuisine of the world and particularly Asia. Ambassadors from Thailand to Rennes, in an exotic decoration, our professional team installs your meal in the best conditions, in an Asian restaurant valued as a temple of street food and healthy food.

Pitaya, delightfully welcoming

Looking for a good restaurant Rennes city center? Then discover Asian gastronomy in a pleasant / unusual atmosphere. Pitaya has built its reputation thanks to its restaurant thai Rennes, a quality Asian restaurant. Nothing better if you want to do / Take an exotic culinary journey with a real show cooking, where the preparation of dishes is realized before your eyes.

Our good restaurant Rennes city center values ​​a friendly welcome with a fast service. Our Thai dishes are made with passion to always satisfy you. Indeed, Thailand is called the Land of Smile and we hope to represent it in our Thai restaurant in Rennes. Alongside our Thai cook, a professional team accompanies guests in their dining room, in their exploration of traditional Thai recipes with dynamism, good humor and envy.

So come and push the door of your iconic Asian restaurant in Rennes, for a dinner on the spot or take away!


The typical cuisine of your thai restaurant Rennes

The taste of wok followed us to Brittany. Sauteed noodles, chicken curry, coconut milk, dishes with hot sauce or coriander are all specialties that are a la carte of our good restaurant Rennes city center.

The passion for fresh products, fine cuisine, leads us to prepare sautéed shrimp, vegetables, rice with soy sauce and all takeaway dishes.

Looking to satisfy your taste buds with inventive and refined Thai cuisine? On the spot or take away, make the choice Pitaya!